Kuo Says AirTag Shipments Are Growing And A Second-Gen AirTag Could Come Soon

apple airtags vs tile
Image: Apple

Apple AirTag is a useful product that lets users keep track of their stuff. Since its launch back in April 2021, there hasn’t been a lot of noise about a potential next-gen version of the device.

However, it now seems that AirTag 2 might be on the horizon. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is here with another prediction, which concerns Apple’s item tracker this time.

Stable growth

As per his revelations, despite the company not addressing a lot of information about the product since its launch, the demand and shipment have grown gradually, which could eventually lead to Apple introducing a second generation of the product.

Kuo’s tweet embedded below shows the analyst’s optimism about the next-gen AirTag that could be launching soon. He also claims that shipments have grown from 20 million in 2021 to 35 million units in 2022.

Hence, with this in mind, we can expect the announcement of the second-gen AirTag soon. However, the device was introduced to assist users in locating their backpacks, headphones, track keys or luggage, etc., people have used the product for stalking, robbing people, and even murdering people.

The Concern

Since the original product was released nearly a year ago, Apple also introduced several improvements through the firmware updates to address the persistent issues.

It now makes a louder sound if it’s far away from its original owner, and can warn others of a stray AirTag following them.

Apple launched an Android app to assist the users in discovering the owner of the AirTag plus teaching them how to turn it off efficiently. The item tracker can undoubtedly be useful, particularly for people who often travel to busy places.

Although analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t dig deeper into what the company could potentially introduce in the second generation of the device, the user base anticipates that it should introduce better and more efficient anti-stalking features, a loudspeaker, and maybe even a change in design.

The device excels in terms of aesthetics and ease of usage, and with the incorporation of better features, it could be an instant growth.

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