Some Steam Deck Pre-Orders Are Getting Bumped Up To Q3 And After

Steam deck preorders are getting bumped up to Q3

The launch of the Steam Deck has been pretty successful so far, but most people are still upset about the limited availability and Valve pushing them up the queue once. However, a user posted on Reddit yesterday that people have been moved up once again to Q3 and after Q3.

Q2 and After Q2 Gang, Welcome to Q3 and After Q3!

Steam Deck Preorders have moved up
Source: Fossbytes

When Valve started the Steam Deck pre-orders, the people who could secure it were placed in the Q1 and Q2 timeline. However, due to a two-month delay, the giant had to push back some Q1 people to Q2 and the end of Q2 people after Q2.

For starters, there are now four-time stretches in which one can receive their Steam Deck—Q1, Q2, after Q2, Q3, and after Q3. A user who goes by the name Jazco76 expressed that he went from Q2 to after Q2 and now Q3. Many other people who ordered their Deck from July 16-25th have also been moved to Q3 now.

Did your Steam Deck pre-order move up the queue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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