How About A Smartphone Running On Microsoft Windows 95?

Windows 95 Smartphone
Image: Youtube

For sure, Microsoft has come a long way with Windows platform with Windows 10 as the latest version. However, Windows 95 will always hold a special place in my heart; it would always remind me of my childhood. The iconic Windows sound and the trademark Windows 95 logo is etched in my memories.

The popularity of iOS and Android forced Microsoft to put an end to their series of Windows-based smartphones but have you ever imagined how Windows 95 would look it runs on a smartphone?

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It would be slow, dull, boring but if I get to relive the days of my childhood, I am ready to suffer at the hands of it.

A Youtuber, going by the name of 4096 has uploaded a concept video of a smartphone running on Windows 95. The video begins with the logo of Windows 95 on the home screen, and the status bar of the phone is featured in default grey color scheme of the operating system. The remarkable concept envisions tiled interface of Windows and all the icons have also been borrowed from the legendary OS.

Also, remember Clippy? The personal assistant of Windows 95 has replaced Cortana on the smartphone featured in this concept video.

The idea has been executed flawlessly, and the short video brings a rush of memories of good old days.

This is not the first concept video depicting modern day phones running on iconic operating systems. Previously, similar videos have been released with Windows XP 2018 Edition and Windows 7 2018 Edition.

Have a look at the video and express what more Windows 95 features you would have liked to watch in the concept video.

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