Samsung Will Use This Material To Cut Down Foldables Cost

Samsung galaxy flip, foldable
Image: Unsplash

A recent report claims, that we may now see a change in Samsung Display’s manufacturing, as it aims to use a different material in production to reduce the cost of foldable OLED.

According to The elec, Samsung will switch from a transparent tape (OCA) to a liquid, Optically Clear Resin (OCR) to attach the cover window to the OLED panel.

Before this, the company used OCA for the foldable panels, which took more time than the OCR since the transparent film needed to be adjusted. Now, the entire process will become a lot more convenient.

Samsung, the billion-dollar enterprise is a pioneer in the world of technology. The company dominates the market of smartphones, television devices, and more, and introduces state-of-the-art technology in all of its products.

One thing that gives Samsung an edge over its competitors is its unique approach to its products, as it always offers smartphones in a diverse range of price brackets. The company currently produces millions of displays per year, which are very popular among users.

Use of inkjet printers

Samsung Display will use inkjet machines to disperse the liquid on the panels, significantly reducing the time taken in production. The new approach will also cut costs as the tech giant orders OCA tapes worth $150 million each year.

STI will provide the machines, and Samsung Display has already placed an order for testing but not for full production yet. The company also supplied the inkjet machines being put to work at the display panel makers plant in Cheonan, South Korea.

The newest line of machines will first be used in Samsung Display’s module line at its production plant in Vietnam, as they will go through a brief trial run. These machines can scatter OCR in droplets and print patterns on the panel while dodging holes, speakers, or cameras.

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