‘SPURV’ Project Lets You Run Android Apps On Desktop Linux

run android app on linux

A UK-based software development Collabora has come up with an “experimental containerized Android environment,” which allows Android apps to run in a Linux operating system.

Dubbed SPURV, the software is an open source and available to everyone. It will help users run Android apps in the same graphical environment as a system running native applications alongside on desktop Linux.

SPURV software is basically a set of tools that lets you install a fully functional Android OS in a compartment and then facilitates access to a computer’s graphics, audio, networking hardware, and other such resources.

Overview of the SPURV stack

It is comparable to emulators like Bluestacks which helps the Android apps to run in windows just like native apps, and that too with hardware-accelerated graphics, touchscreen displays, and other features.

However, SPURV has a distinguishable feature which sets it apart from other software that runs Android on a computer. Termed as ‘SPURV HWComposer,’ this feature helps in rendering Android apps in windows, along with the native Linux applications.

But please note that for this to work, the Linux desktop has to use the Wayland display server.

The ability to run Android apps also offers some advantages over native Linux applications, especially when it comes to the availability of apps and app developers.

But SPURV also has a downside to it — since you’d be essentially running two OS at the same time, it could take a toll on your system’s resources and performance.

Users should also know that pre-built binaries for SPURV are not available yet. This means you will have to build it from the source code yourself.

Nevertheless, the proof-of-concept is an interesting one, and we hope that it turns into a full-featured product.

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