First Real Quantum Computer Could Be Powered By A “Time Crystal”

time crystals

Short Bytes: After creating the first time crystal, the researchers are looking to explore the possibilities of its application. As time crystals provide a chance to know more about the physics of non-equilibrium quantum systems, it could also be used in the quantum technologies. The researchers are also looking for some near-term applications like precision measurement.

The existence of time crystals has already been proven. Last month, two teams of researchers from Harvard University and the University of Maryland had their work on time crystals peer-reviewed and published. While Harvard’s team created artificial lattice in a synthetic diamond, the Maryland team worked on charged ytterbium ions.

For those who don’t know, time crystals have the fourth dimension of time, which suggests that some materials can show periodic structures across time. Now, a team of Harvard researchers, led by Mikhail Lukin and Eugene Demler, is working to know more about time crystals.

In an interview, Lukin said that the creation of a time crystal is very significant as it gives the scientists a chance to understand the physics of non-equilibrium quantum systems.

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He added that it’s an area of great interest for people working on quantum technologies. Wondering why? Because a quantum computer is a quantum system that isn’t in equilibrium. Actually, it’s far away from equilibrium.

For those who don’t know, a quantum computer doesn’t involve traditional computing. Instead of relying on bits of 0s and 1s, a quantum computer makes use of quantum bits (or qubits). You can read more about quantum computing basics here.

As a real quantum computer isn’t something that’s going to be turning into a reality in near future, researchers are also looking for some near-term applications. So, Lukin’s team is working on the application of time crystals in precision measurement, which was the original motivation for the research.

“It turns out, if you are trying to build…for example, a magnetic field sensor, you can use NV-center spins,” he said.

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