What if Someone Rearranged Our Solar System and Replaced Moon with Planets?

star Arcturus in place of moon
star Arcturus in place of moon
star-Arcturus-in-place of-moon
Star Arcturus in place of moon

How far has your imagination gone in astronomy? Stars, moons and planets are always fascinating when into imagination. Have you ever thought how would it be like having the planet Saturn in place of the moon?

Roscosmos, a Russian Federal Space Agency has made it easier. Roscosmos has released a series of pictures in video shots from Earth showing stars and planets replacing the Sun and Moon.

Would you like to have your night’s companion replaced? Roscosmos placed all the planets of the solar system in place of Earth’s moon one by one. The massive planet Jupiter and incredible ring system of planet Saturn replacing considerably smaller Moon, is a sight of fascination. Venus, Mercury and Mars also swapped position with Moon in the fictitious experiment.

What could take place of Sun? Roscosmos found Alpha Centauri to be the best substitute. It is the closest star system to the Sun and third brightest star in the night sky visible from Earth. Also, Sun was replaced by Polaris or the North Star. Polaris is the brightest star in the northern sky constellation, Ursa Minor. Brightest star of northern celestial hemisphere, Arcturus, was placed in Sun’s position too.

Check out following fascinating pictures and videos published by Roscosmos.

What If other planets replaced our Moon
Saturn in place of Moon


Jupiter in place of Moon


Neptune in place of our Moon



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