Apple To Embrace ‘No Notch’ Design In The iPhones By 2023

Apple iPhone no notch after 2023
Credits: 9to5Mac

From smartphone giants like Samsung to tech enthusiasts and the general public, Apple has constantly been mocked for following the notch design starting from the iPhone X. The giant has since released four new iPhone iterations, all with a notch design, with the latest model being the iPhone 13. However, it looks like that’s finally going to change, not with the iPhone 14, but from 2023.

According to display expert Ross Young, who has a proven track record for Apple-related leaks, Apple won’t be quitting the notch or the punch hole cutouts until the iPhone 15 series and the year 2023. We say ‘punch hole’ because the iPhone 14 series is expected to arrive with the same.

In a tweet, Ross said: “The dual hole punch design on the iPhone Pro models will be seen on all four models in 2023. Hopefully, the holes will get smaller….” The iPhone 14 and 14 Max are rumored to be notched, whereas the Pro and Pro Max are expected to arrive with a pill + hole-shaped cutouts.

Young also believes that the iPhone 15 series will arrive with a punch-hole design across all the models — 15, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and 15 Max.

iPhone 14 punch hole and pill design leak

What are your thoughts about this? In this era where more foldable devices are starting to pop up, do you think Apple can capture the foldable market at this pace? Let us know in the comments section below.

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