Revealed PSVR 2 Specs Hints Towards A High-End Headset

Revealed PSVR 2 Specs Hints Towards A High-End Headset
Image: Sony

Amid recent news about Sony confirming that the next-gen PSVR headset would come to PS5 consoles, we now have a new set of specs for the next-gen PSVR. After a closed-door summit for potential PlayStation VR developers, the latest leaked specs make the PSVR 2’s previously leaked specs look like a blip.

According to a leak, the upcoming PSVR 2 is reportedly being called NGVR (Next-gen VR) for the PS5 console. In addition, Sony announced that PS5 sales recently crossed the 10 million mark. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at all the latest leaked specs of Sony‘s upcoming PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 Specs

1. Lens

The lenses on the upcoming PSVR 2 headset would be Fresnel OLED ones. Additionally, these Fresnel OLED lenses will boast a resolution of 2000X2040 per eye, making the display on the headset a 4K HDR display. Apart from this, the FOV on the PSVR 2 would be 110°, 10° more than its predecessor.

2. Hardware

Talking about the upcoming next-gen VR headset’s hardware, it’s capable of Flexible scaling resolution. Along with FSR, the hardware of the PSVR 2 is also capable of Foveated rendering with eye-tracking. If this doesn’t blow your hair back, the next-gen VR headset will come equipped with haptics, further improving the experience.

3. Controllers

PSVR controllers
Image: Sony

While we knew about the adaptive triggers that will come with the PSVR 2′ controllers, the latest leak revealed that the controllers would come with ‘touch-sensitive buttons.’ The touch-sensitive buttons will be placed aptly for the thumb, index, and middle finger. Interestingly, the controller will sense how far from the center of these touch-sensitive buttons your fingers are.

VR Games

In the closed-door developer summit, Sony talked about moving away from the vanilla VR experience. Meanwhile, focus on console-quality AAA titles and hybrid games playable on the next-gen consoles and the next-gen PSVR. This will give Sony the

However, there was no discussion of backward compatibility at the developer summit. Meanwhile, it is reported that Sony will give a big push towards remastering old PSVR titles. This information certainly makes the PSVR 2 look amazing. While it isn’t sure when Sony might release these next-gen VR headsets, it probably won’t be before Q2 of 2022.

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