Raspberry Pi 4 Redesigning Fault Circuit To Fix USB-C Port Incompatibility

Raspberry Pi 4 Redesigns Fault Circuit To Fix USB-C Port Incompatibility

Last year, the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 left behind the previous Pi models in terms of being the fastest single-board computers that came up with a new 4GB RAM support and other updates.

But, the release also introduced a big flaw that led to massive criticism among the Raspberry Pi community. The newly added USB type C port for the power supply was unable to detect some popular type-C charging cables like those of Apple MacBook.

If you’re a fan of single-board computers, I guess you must have used the Raspberry Pi. Before Raspberry Pi 4, you could use any +5.1V micro USB power supply.

But the current Raspberry Pi 4 supports the micro HDMI for audio/video transfer and USB-C port for power supply, replacing the previous full HDMI and micro USB.

New PCB Circuit With Fixed Design Fault

After numerous complaints by users for the incompatibility of the major type-C charger with Raspberry Pi 4 board, Raspberry Pi foundation admitted its faulty design port.

Recently talking with The Register, Eben Upton, Founder & CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd., revealed that a new PCB with the updated design is expected to be released for users.

Hence, you will not find any problem with a new board as the incorrect detection circuit of the Pi 4 model would be able to distinguish between the power and audio cable.

However, the official type C power supply does not face any such issues. You can buy the cable directly from the official site here.

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