Purism Librem One Suite Launched With Privacy-Focused Apps

Purism Librem One

Alternatives to exploitative Google apps are on the rise due to privacy concerns. Amidst this, Purism, a corporation which builds a genuine alternative to mainstream apps, launched the Suites of Privacy Protection app known as Purism Librem One.

Purism used to offer its several services separately. However, the company has released them all under one banner.

Purism Librem One Suite Apps

The Librem One offers the following privacy-focused alternatives to mainstream apps:

  • Librem Chat
  • Librem Mail
  • Librem Tunnel
  • Librem Social

Librem Chat, VPN and Mail use end to end encryption for improved privacy. Librem Social uses ActivityPub protocol which is based on the ActivityStreams 2.0 data format. The W3C itself recommends Activitypub.

All these apps from Purism Librem One are privacy-focused and do not keep track of the user or their data in any way. Future apps from developers including Cloud Storage, Phone Service, and Payment Services are also coming. All of them will feature end-to-end encryption, thus following the company’s motto: “We don’t look at your junk.”

The annual subscription of Librem One Suit costs $71.91 or $7.99 a month which is 25% more expensive than the yearly plan.

Purism’s Climb To Fame

Purism started out by building laptops using open-source software. The company has always had a privacy focussed approach inbuilt in all its products. Over the years, several users have trusted Purism for their privacy needs.

Purism also has its own OS aptly called PureOS. The operating system recently claimed to have achieved convergence recently. In the tech world, Convergence is defined as the identical functioning of apps, no matter which platform they’re running on.

Just to tell you how big of a deal it is, neither Google nor Apple has been able to achieve this amazing feat between its products. I’m not sure about

In an interview with Fossbytes, Purism CEO and founder Todd Weaver confirmed several updates regarding the company’s future and how Purism will always remain pro-privacy.

On the other hand, Google is discovering new ways to cause havoc in the real as well as digital space. The tech giant’s latest featured snippet option simultaneously cuts down the ad revenue of publishers while giving out of context answers to politically sensitive questions.

With these revelations, I am personally hoping for the widespread adoption of open source software.

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