Epic Game’s Fortnite Sued By PUBG Makers Over ‘Copyright Violation’

pubg vs fortnite

The makers of PUBG have filed a lawsuit against Epic Game’s Fortnite on the ground of copyright infringement.

Last year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gained massive popularity by introducing the battle royale shooter genre for the players. Seeing it gain traction, Fortnite came up with its own battle royale mode and now it stands as the most popular game on the planet.

One cannot deny the striking similarities in the games that exceed the basic concept of 100 players stranded on an island, searching for weapons and killing each other until only one player survives. Both games share other features like bandaging, reviving and similar type of weapons too.

A representative from PUBG Corp., which is based in Korea, confirmed that the lawsuit was filed against US-based Epic Games back in January this year in the Seoul Central District Court.

While specific details of the claims made in the lawsuit are unclear, PUBG has previously raised concerns about Fortnite’s UI, gameplay, and replication of core elements.

Apart from the similarities in the gameplay of both PUBG and Fortnite, another point worth noting is that PUBG is based on Unreal Engine 4 that was created and licensed by Epic Games.

So even if Epic loses the legal battle, it will continue to profit from engine licensing. The main event to watch out is whether or not anything happens to Fortnite due to the lawsuit.

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