US Is Not Kicking Out Huawei (Sort Of…), Gives Temporary License

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Just when it seemed it was all over for Huawei, the latest report from Reuters claims that the US government has issued a temporary license to the company.

The license will enable Huawei to continue its current operations with US-based companies including Google, Intel, etc. That way, the company will be able to support its existing devices and customers and issue security updates for the same.

Further, the license allows Huawei to disclose any security vulnerabilities in its network equipment and handsets. Also, the company can also engage in the development of future 5G networks.

However, the company is still not allowed to launch any new products that require technology from any US-based company.

It will also give some time to all those telecom operators who rely on Huawei’s technology to support their networks.

It’s already known that the company has been future-proofing itself and they have been working on their own Android alternative.

Huawei’s founder has a similar view when it comes to the license. He said the license bears little meaning to the company as they have been making preparations, according to Reuters.

Soon after the ban came into effect last week, a bunch of U.S. companies, including Google, Intel, Broadcom, cut ties with the Chinese tech firm.

The 90-day license is scheduled to expire on August 19, 2019, after which the Entity list ban would become official again. However, the government will further weigh on the possibilities of whether any relief is to be given to the company.

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