PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Tips And Tricks To Survive And Win

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Tips And Tricks To Survive And Win

It’s been over a week since the launch of PUBG Mobile’s new Arctic Mode. Most players fell in love with the idea that you have to light a fire to survive the extreme cold, while also looking over your shoulders for enemies.

The PUBG Mobile Arctic mode is all about survival. You have to do a lot of other things rather than just rushing towards enemies. You can hunt down a chicken and cook it in the fire while camping with your comrades. Moreover, the survival mode also introduced Drones in the game. If you’ve ever played Apex Legends, then you must know how useful these drones could be in pinpointing the enemies’ location.

In short, there’s a lot you need to do in PUBG Mobile’s Arctic Mode to survive. And if you’re just starting with this new PUBG Mobile mode, then here are some tips and tricks you can follow to withstand the extreme conditions of Vikendi’s Arctic Mode.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Tips And Tricks

1. Collect Branches, But Don’t Hoard It Up

Branches in PUBG Arctic mode

First thing first, don’t hesitate to pick up branches. To survive the deadly blizzard that hits you every few minutes, you have to light a fire. So, it’s better to collect some branches; and ask your teammates to do the same.

The auto-pickup for branches is set to 10, however, I would suggest that you make it 5. That is because 5 branches, on each squad member, is more than enough to light a bonfire throughout the blizzard. Moreover, they are easily available in every building, so finding more is never an issue. In fact, hoarding too many branches will take too much of your backpack space, which can be used for other important stuff.

2. Consumables Are Your First Love

Use heater to survive cold in PUBG Mobile arctic mode

Two consumables keep you warm in the Arctic mode. First, there are heat packs, and I can’t stress enough how vital warm packs are for winning the game. During the storm, heat packs keep your temperature stable for about 30 seconds. So, let’s say for some reason, you are at a place where you can’t see even a single house to light a bonfire. In that scenario, the best you can do is use heat packs. That’ll give more than enough time to rush towards a hideout.

Secondly, there are heaters, which acts more like a defensive mechanism. Rather than giving you immunity against the cold for a few seconds, a heater brings back your temperature to normal, thus giving you a chance to heal yourself. 

Also, while you focus on heat packs and heaters, don’t forget to collect other consumables like heath kit, painkillers, energy drink, etc. That is because you’ll need to recover your health quite often in Arctic mode, especially when you start losing health due to freezing temperatures. Keep in mind that heat packs only warm your body and do not heal your health.

3. When There’s Snow, Use Snowboard snowboard to move faster

The option to ski in the snow was available in Vikendi even before the Arctic mode. Basically, you get a “ski” option on the right side of your screen as soon as you set your foot in the snow. In the Arctic mode, you must maintain speed. You can’t outrun a blizzard by running. So, the best option is to always ski on snow. As a bonus, doing that will prevent you from getting shot.

4. Just Kill The Chicken, They’ll Keep You Warm

roast chicken in PUBG Mobile

There’s no problem with being a vegetarian in real life. However, if you’re playing PUBG Mobile Arctic mode, then you’ll have to kill those chickens scattered throughout the map. Then, you can cook a dead chicken in the bonfire and consume it to gain immunity against the cold. The protection lasts only for a few seconds, just like with warm packs. So, you get enough time to collect some resources by running away from the bonfire.

5. Lighting A Bonfire Reveals Enemy Squad’s Location

spot enemies location

When you start a bonfire during a blizzard, you know that enemy squads are doing the same. Interestingly, on the map, you could see the exact location of all the bonfires; thus, spot your enemies. So, while you wait for the blizzard to pass, rather than discussing your relationships in the voice chat, formulate strategies to strike your enemy.

Bonus Tip: I would suggest that you use heat packs and leave the house a few seconds before the blizzard ends. In this way, you’ll get a head start to surprise your enemy by attacking them.

6. Step Up Your Drone Game

Step up drone game in PUBG Mobile

I know, if you’ve never tried out other battle royale games besides PUBG, then drones can be a new thing for you. Nevertheless, in Arctic mode, drones can be the difference between winning and losing. That is because they pinpoint the exact location of your enemies, giving your squad a more advantage. That being said, you can do a lot more other than spotting enemies using drones. For instance, you can make a car fly using two or more drones. The drones can be used as explosives as well; and no, I’m not kidding.

But using the drones isn’t as simple as it sounds, so it’s essential that you step up your drone game by following these steps.

  • Launch the drone at a safe spot: Remember that your both hands get occupied when you control a drone. So, it’s better to launch the drone from a safe place to stay safe from enemies and snipers. For instance, don’t launch the drone while you’re out in the open on a balcony or on a roof. Instead, launch it when you’re inside a house or while hiding in a bush.
  • Ask for a cover: It’s always good to ask one of your squadmates to cover you even if you launch the drone from a safe spot. If an enemy is behind you, then you won’t even know when they hit you. So, it’s better to have a backup.
  • Drones aren’t invincible: Drones certainly give you a good advantage; however, enemies can easily spot your drone and destroy them. Also, enemies can spot your drones as well, which will alert them of your attack. So, you must use the drone effectively without being careless.
  • There’s limited power: Drones have limited power, so if you fool around by flying drones for no reason, then it will run out of juice pretty soon. So, it’s better to use when you are confident that you’ll find enemies in the nearby locations. 
  • Mark out-of-sight locations: With drones, you can see sites that are far away from your line of sight. It further means that during a blizzard, you can use drones to mark a faraway place to suggest your squad where to head next.
  • Kill enemies using drones: The most exciting thing about drones is that they can act as a weapon to kill enemies. Just fly a drone extremely close to an enemy, and you’ll see them dead due to the blast. 
  • Lift cars with drones: If your squad has two or more drones, then you can unlock a unique ability, which is called “car delivery.” Using this ability, you and your teammates can work together to lift a car using drones. Then, you can drop the load on your enemies to surprise them.

Using Tips And Tricks In PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Makes It Fun

You must have realized by now that there’s a lot you can do in PUBG Mobile Arctic mode. No matter how good you are in a classic battle royale PUBG match, if you don’t utilize all the resources and apply tips and tricks, you won’t win the game in Arctic Mode. But even if you follow at least 70% of what I’ve mentioned in this article, then you would find the Cold Front Survival mode more interesting. 

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