PS4 Won’t Turn On? Here Are All Probable Causes And Their Solutions

PS4 won't turn on fix

Have you tried everything and still your PS4 won’t turn ON? Well, here are all plausible reasons why your PS4 won’t start and their solutions as well.

PS4 is an amazing gaming console, but it is not without its shortcomings. The console was launched on 15 November 2013, since the original PS4 has been upgraded to a PS4 slim. The console also received a mid-cycle upgrade in the form of the PS4 Pro, which is more powerful than the base console.

However, some issues related to the power supply remained persistent across different consoles. Here are common PS4 issues that you might be facing.

Why My PS4 Won’t Turn On? All Possible Reasons And Fixes

PS4 Won't Turn On Fix

Broken Power Button

The original PS4, had a touch-based PS4 power button, in PS4 Slim it was changed back to a physical button. Whenever owners try to repair their PS4 themselves, they accidentally end up damaging the button on the motherboard.

This type of problem is only possible in case of any physical damage to the button itself and does not occur if you haven’t tried repairing your PS4 without proper guidance.

Solution – The only solution to this problem is to take your PS4 to a repair center and get it fixed.

However, if you use an android phone and are in similar situation where your android power button is not working, fret not, we have a detailed guide on how you can fix it.

Low Powered Extension Power Board

Both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro draw a lot of power, and often we use them through an extension power board. Sometimes the power sockets on the extension power board cannot supply the required power for the PS4 or the PS4 Pro to turn ON.

Solution – Try plugging your PS4 or PS4 Pro into the wall socket that can provide the required power.

Loose Power Cable

If your PS4 doesn’t turn ON, chances are your power cable is damaged. On the back of your PS4, look for a cable that runs into the power switch. Take a look at it, if it’s loosely connected at the back of your PS4 then it won’t turn ON.

Solution – Replace it with a new cable.

Cockroaches In The Power Supply

PS4 attracts roaches, it is a fact. Sometimes they crawl up inside the console over the power supply and short two points together. It can cause the power supply to get completely damaged. The best solution here is to use an anti-roach or anti-pest spray around your PS4.

Solution – Replace the power supply

PS4 Won’t Turn On: Software Issue

Above-given steps are helpful if your PS4 won’t turn ON because of a mechanical issue. However, if your console is suffering from a broken software problem, try these steps instead.

  • Connect all the necessary cables and wires to your PS4
  • Hold down the PS4 power button until it beeps twice, to put it into safe mode.

Here you’ll be greeted with this screen.PS4 Won't Turn On Fix

First, you can try to restart your PS4. It will most likely reset the software issue with your console.

However, if that doesn’t work, go to “Update System Software” and select “Update Using Internet.” Make sure you have an active internet connection. This step will fix the broken version by installing a fresh new update.

Another option that you can try, if the others don’t work, is “Rebuild Database.” It will delete any broken files in your system, so your PS4 can turn ON.

The most serious option you can take to fix your PS4 software issue is “Initialize PS4.” It will delete all your files and bring your system to a stock state. You will lose all of your saved games and gallery images on your PS4 hard drive. Therefore, I’d advise thinking long and hard before considering this option.

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