OpenAI Will Build Tools To Track Plagiarism By ChatGPT

Students beware!

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ChatGPT is the latest AI tool that is so powerful that it can produce content on many topics at a bewildering pace. Writers fear it, coders hate it, and now even teachers and schools don’t like this new AI tool. Since it has become very easy to generate text blocks or even full-length articles from ChatGPT, teachers fear that the student’s creativity will take a hit.

Many schools are protesting against the AI tool and even raising concerns about plagiarism while generating output for text prompts. But the OpenAI CEO thinks otherwise. He prefers to think of ChatGPT as a medium to learn efficiently and said that he will prefer it to an actual teacher to learn new topics.

How is ChatGPT bad for students?

School teachers and admission think that students can now blatantly plagiarise stuff, and there is no way to check that. In response to the Business Insider question, the OpenAI CEO said that the company will look forward to building tools to catch plagiarism done by ChatGPT. Sounds assuring, right?

Well, that’s only half statement. He further added that though the company will work on releasing a tool to detect plagiarism, it won’t be very good at catching it. One reason behind this could be the belief of Sam Altman that ChatGPT is so sophisticated that it will produce an original response to each prompt and not just reproduce text from existing sources.

But what if the whole class gets the same assignment and uses the same tool for that? How will ChatGPT produce different results for seemingly similar prompts? Then there is the issue of unlawful scraping of research papers and content from the web and producing the results without proper citations.

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Altman compares the skepticism around ChatGPT with how we first dreaded the use of calculators in math tests. Slowly, the perception changed, and schools came up with other ways to test mathematical proficiency than just basic calculations.

He believes that schools should not limit students to using tools like ChatGPT because it hinders their growth prospects and learning opportunities. Only time will tell how OPENAI reacts and survives the heavy backlash from schools and colleges.

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