Everything About Google Pixel Fold 2: Launch Date, Specs, And Price

Image of the leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2 1

When Google first announced the Pixel Fold, many expected the company to lead the charge in the foldable sector, given that Google owns Android. However, while the device’s form factor was certainly better than Samsung’s implementation, it fell short in other departments. As a result, many have been eagerly awaiting the company’s next iteration, the Pixel Fold 2, hoping it will address the previous issues and provide a worthy alternative to Samsung. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

When will the Pixel Fold 2 launch?

While there is no official word on a date, the Pixel Fold 2 could launch in May 2024. However, other reports suggest that Google might delay the launch until October if it decides to incorporate the next Tensor G4 chip. Moreover, the company is also expected to expand its availability in new regions.

Google Pixel Fold 2: Design and Display

Image of the leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2 2

Google is notorious for leaks, and the Pixel Fold 2 is no exception. The latest renders from SmartPrix have revealed the design, indicating that the Pixel Fold 2, measuring approximately 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27 mm, adopts a new camera island with two separate oval camera cutouts, deviating from the Pixel’s brand identity. While looks are subjective, the camera island doesn’t seem particularly aesthetic or cohesive.

Image of the leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2-3

Moving away from the cameras, the new Fold 2 adopts a square and thinner form factor than its predecessor, enhancing the handling. When unfolded, you’d first notice an under-display selfie camera in the top right corner and much thinner bezels. Moreover, the outer display measures 6.4 inches and includes a center punch-hole selfie camera.

Furthermore, the lower frame of the phone houses the USB-C port, speaker grille, and SIM tray, while the right side accommodates the power and volume buttons, and the top features another speaker grille.


There are conflicting rumors about the chipset in the Pixel Fold 2. While some sources state that the device would come with the Tensor G3, others claim that it might come with the new Tensor G4, along with the Pixel 9 series.

In addition to the processor, the device will come with up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of internal storage.


Image of the leaked render of the Pixel Fold 2-4

One of the few redeeming qualities of the original Pixel Fold was its cameras, which, combined with Google’s processing, provided a good enough camera experience for the first time on a foldable. Continuing this trend, the Fold 2 will feature a quadruple-camera setup comprising a main camera sensor, an UltraWide lens, a periscope sensor, and a secret fourth camera. However, the details regarding the specific camera sensors are unclear at the time of writing.


If the Pixel Fold launches in October, it will come with Android 15 out of the box; otherwise, expect to see Android 14.

Battery and Charging

Unfortunately, the specific details regarding the charging and battery capacity are unclear. However, based on its predecessor, we can at least expect a 4,821mAh battery, with support for 30W of wired and 7.5W of wireless charging.

How much will the Pixel Fold 2 cost?

Judging by Google’s recent price increase with the Pixel 8 series, the Fold 2 is likely to maintain the same price point as its predecessor, i.e., $1800.

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