NoxPlayer: A Great Android Emulator To Play Android Games/Apps On PC

call of duty mobile on nox emulator

NoxPlayer, one of the leading Android emulators that allow people to run Android games and apps on PC, brings the best gaming experience with its easy-to-use accessibility, high-quality graphics, and smart keyboard control. 

As the preferred choice of most popular games like Arknights, Call of Duty Mobile, and Free fire, etc., NoxPlayer provides a high FPS and easy game controls for players.

NoxPlayer: Run Multiple Accounts While Playing One Game

1. NoxPlayer allows running multiple accounts with creating more emulators, which is also called multi-drive. For instance, in the game Black Desert Mobile, players can run more that one emulator at the same time to complete their missions.

Using this multi-instance strategy, you can create more game accounts and use them to level up faster than before. You can also send yourself different in-game items using multiple accounts and proceed in the game at an unseen pace.

2. Apart from running a  Run different games or apps on different emulators, which also allow you to chat with friends while playing games. 

NoxPlayer: Provide Smart Keymapping to Control the Character and Release Skills

NoxPlayer also lets you enjoy games with the smart keyboard and mouse, for instance, players can set the key of “WASD” to control the moving direction of the character. In addition, in the MOBA games like Brawl Stars or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can set the key to smartly cast the skill, which is more precise.

NoxPlayer: Use Script to Make All Operations You Want

With the Macro(Script) key, you could designate a string of actions to a single keystroke to simplify your operations in games. 

NoxPlayer: Run Smoother with High FPS and Better Hardware Performance than Mobile Phones

How to Download NoxPlayer on PC To Play Games

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click Tools 👉 Google play 👉 Sign-in Google account

    3. Install any Android games or apps

We hope that you’ll find this article helpful and try out NoxPlayer to play your favorite games with even more expertise and ease. Happy Gaming!

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