Is There Already A New Twitter CEO?

What a weird year for Twitter!

Musk Says Still Few Unresolved Matters With Twitter Deal; No Recession In Sight
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Elon Musk, the current Twitter CEO, will step from the helm of Twitter and will handle back operations, including servers. We are merely quoting the statement Musk himself put together after the poll results. FYI, he conducted a poll asking the Twitter people whether he should leave the position of Twitter chief and let someone else take control.

The poll didn’t end in favor of Musk, as the Twitter audience picked the first option. Musk responded to the poll result that he would step down as soon as he finds a suitable replacement who is “foolish enough” to take charge. Emmy-nominated writer Bess Kalb jokingly thanked Musk for appointing her as the new Twitter CEO and taking a few digs at his mismanagement.

Is Bess Kalb really the new Twitter CEO?

No. She isn’t taking control of Twitter anytime soon, especially after publishing a long thread mocking Musk and his failures. Being a comedy writer, Kalb has the skill to create complex satirical jokes which also shed light on the actual reality. In the first tweet, she said that she felt humbled, honored, and frankly still in shock to be the new CEO of Twitter.

Kalb added that she was glad that Musk made that decision despite both not seeing eye-to-eye on many things while pointing out his recent Twitter-related fiascos (verification badges for money) and more. Clearly, it was a direct dig at SpaceX and Tesla owner, which reflected his mistakes like supplying CPAP machines during covid and buying Twitter for $44 billion.

She also claimed that Musk has facelifts and attends the Met Gala every despite not liking the ‘media elites’ who also go there. Bess Kalb also pointed out the death of the monkey involved in the Neuralink trial and ended the thread with a poll “Have you implanted a chip in monkeys’ brains, and it killed each and every monkey?”

It appears to be a satirical but somewhat hurtful rant about Musk’s activities in the last couple of years. Bess Kalb isn’t the only one interested in becoming the CEO. YouTube creator Mr. Beast asked Musk if he could become the next CEO and the Tesla owner replied that “It’s not out of the question.” MySpace founder also tweeted about his interest in taking the reigns of the company.

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