After Mastodon, Twitter Blocks Links To Facebook, Instagram & Similar Sites

When will this sabotage stop?

Now, Elon Musk has challenged Twitter to a debate over the number of bots on the website amid the ongoing legal battle between the two
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You cannot use Mastodon links anymore on Twitter. While we were wondering why this happened, Twitter dropped another bomb regarding why Twitter blocks links to other platforms. Under Musk, Twitter illustrated the link-sharing rule changes on a privacy policy page. But after heavy backlash from users, Twitter removed the web page and published a tweet from the company’s official Twitter account asking users about imposing such a new rule.

TechCrunch reported that the page doesn’t exist, and all we have as proof of Twitter banning link sharing is the official tweet. The older tweet (now removed) from the TwitterSupport account states that, Specifically, we will remove accounts created solely to promote other social platforms and content that contain links or usernames for the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post.”

At first, it seemed like a hasty move planned by Musk and his people to hurt the growth of Mastodon, which is quickly picking up pace as a Twitter alternative. But the real surprise came as Twitter banned links from sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which are way bigger than Twitter will ever be.

The December 18 tweet and policy page, which elaborated on the platforms that will suffer the link-blocking wrath, doesn’t currently exist. This sparks whether the company is contemplating its decision, as it always does. The new tweet reads, “Should we have a policy preventing the creation or use of existing accounts for the main purpose of advertising other social media platforms?”

Twitter Blocks Links
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While this may seem like a harmless poll, you should take a good look at the answer Mr.Beast gave on Musk’s recent poll. The new owner asked whether he should step down as the Twitter head; the YouTuber said that if he was going to make decisions like Twitter blocking Link sharing, he should step down. He also attached a screenshot of what appears to be a new policy page, which was later scrapped from the website.

Twitter wants to ban profiles that promote their pages on other social platforms. It also seems they want to hide this simple link sharing behind a paywall because they deem it an advertisement. What is Twitter even trying to do? Disconnect itself from the rest of the internet?

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