5 New Google Tricks To Try In 2024!

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While we all use Google daily to search queries or get answers to questions, the company is notorious for incorporating Easter eggs and features into search results. Here are five new Google tricks you may not have known about before.

Google TrickDescriptionHow to Use
MetronomeA digital tool for keeping time, useful for musicians and timing tasks.Search “Metronome” on Google and adjust the BPM as needed.
Bubble levelA virtual tool to ensure objects are perfectly level, using your phone’s sensors.Type “bubble level” in Google and use your phone to level objects.
FestivusA nod to “Seinfeld” fans, featuring the holiday’s iconic aluminum pole in search results.Search “Festivus” on Google to see the aluminum pole tribute in the results.
Check grammarA quick way to check sentence grammar without external sites.Type your sentence into Google followed by “check grammar” for an instant evaluation.
Pronounce numbersConverts long numbers into their English textual representation, useful for checks or documents.Type the number into Google followed by “= English” to see and copy the textual representation.
Fresh Google tricks for 2024

Let’s exlplore these in detail with screenshots for better understanding –

1. Metronome

Screenshot of the metronome feature

For musicians, the metronome needs no introduction. For others, it’s a device that produces ticks within a specified time, allowing musicians to time their songs or melodies. With Google, you can search “Metronome” and select your desired beats per minute (BPM).

2. Bubble level

Screenshot of the bubble level Google trick/feature

Placing objects on a level is one of the most important aspects of redecorating a home or office space. While our eyes do a decent job, there are times when even a slight misalignment can be frustrating. Instead of splurging money on a traditional leveler, you can simply type ‘bubble level’ into Google to access a virtual bubble level, helping you level objects using your phone’s sensors.

3. Festivus

Screenshot of the festivus Google trick/feature

If you’re a fan of the show “Seinfeld,” you’ll know about Festivus. The holiday which was created as an alternative to Christmas due to its commercialism and pressures. When you search the word “Festivus” on Google, you’ll see the undecorated aluminum pole on the left-hand side of the search results as a tribute to the festival.

4. Check grammar

Have you ever needed to check the grammar of a sentence but weren’t sure where to do it? Instead of going to sites like Grammarly and signing up, you can check the sentence on Google itself. Just type in your sentence followed by “check grammar.” Google will evaluate the sentence and display a green checkmark if it’s correct or offers a correction, which you can then copy.

5. Pronounce Numbers

Screenshot of the pronounce numbers Google trick/feature

Typing out long numbers, whether for checks or invoices, can be frustrating, especially considering banks reject documents if the numbers are incorrect. However, with Google, you need not worry. Simply type the number into the Google search box followed by “= English,” and voilà! The search engine will display the English version, which you can easily copy and paste.

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