iPhone 15 Overheating? Here Are Possible Causes And Fixes!

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When Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 series in 2023, it received mixed reactions due to overheating issues that affected nearly every device. The company initially attributed this problem to a startup bug and issued an update to address it.

However, reports have resurfaced of iPhone 15 series users experiencing hot temperatures once again. Is it another bug, or is there a fundamental flaw in the design that has become apparent as summer temperatures rise? Let’s find out!

iPhone 15 overheating: Software bug or design issue?

Initially, the overheating problem with the iPhone 15 series was caused by software issues, causing devices to run excessively hot upon booting up. However, as summer temperatures soar, reports of iPhones overheating have reemerged. While it’s common for phones to heat up in hot weather, the fact that iPhones generally become unusable when the temperatures are high is frustrating, to say the least.

One contributing factor to the heating issue may be the new processor in the iPhone 15 series. According to a report from Notebookcheck, Apple anticipated that these devices would run warmer than their predecessors. Although this report is unconfirmed, it provides a possible explanation for the problem. Additionally, Apple’s consideration of a Graphene cooling option for the iPhone 16 series suggests that the heating issue is more significant than initially thought.

How to keep your iPhone 15 cool?

iPhone 15 Camera Design Changes
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If the heating problem stems from a cooling issue, there may not be a one-stop solution. However, you can take several measures to ensure your iPhone stays within safe operating temperatures:

1. Close Bluetooth and other settings

If you notice your iPhone heating up while on the go, the first step is to disable settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services. While these features are handy, they consume significant processing power, contributing to the device’s heat buildup.

2. Remove the case

Almost everyone uses a case to protect their phone, considering repairs can be a costly affair. However, since these cases form an enclosure around the device, they also trap heat generated by the device. Try removing the case in warmer environments to allow better airflow and heat dissipation.

3. Turn on Airplane mode

If your iPhone has already overheated and you need it to cool down quickly, activate Airplane mode. This disables all wireless signals and related processes, freeing up system resources and aiding in cooling.

4. Update to the latest version

If the above methods don’t resolve the issue, a software bug may contribute to the overheating. In such cases, updating to the latest iOS firmware is advisable, as Apple regularly addresses these bugs.

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