Netflix Is Reportedly Making A ‘Resident Evil’ TV Series

After bringing the exciting Choose-Your-Own-Adventure interactive film – ‘Bandersnatch‘, a new report has surfaced which claims Netflix is developing a Resident Evil television series!

Deadline reports that the streaming service is planning to release it as a part of Netflix Originals. While there are no other concrete details regarding the plot, the purported series would most likely follow the storyline of the six-part Resident Evil film series by Constantin Films.

The German production studio is said to be working with Netflix on the TV project. So it will most likely involve zombies and the futuristic bioweapons of manufacturer Umbrella Corporation — which lies at the center of the Resident Evil universe.

While RE based games stick to the survival horror genre, the TV series might show more flashy sci-fi action sequences; that’s assuming that the series follows the footsteps of Milla Jovovich.

Even though we would love to see Jovovich back in action, it’s unlikely that she would return for the show.

The Resident Evil film franchise started in 2002 after which we saw five subsequent sequels. All of them were directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and together the six films earned $1.2 billion worldwide — making it highest-grossing film series based on a video game.

There is no word on when the RE television series would be released but we’ll update you as we get to know more. So stay tuned to Fossbytes for more!

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