Netflix Reveals Another Secret ‘Bandersnatch’ Ending You’ve Probably Missed


So, you’ve probably finished watching Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. You followed all the flowcharts and cheat sheets floating on the internet. And you’ve probably read all the spoilers as well to unlock as many possible scenes and endings that are known.

But those who think they are finally at peace with the “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive film, brace yourself! Because Netflix has revealed a secret way to reach a completely different outcome.

The official Netflix UK & Ireland account decide to shake up things for Bandersnatch fans on Twitter with one simple tweet:

The tweet talks about the key to a scene where Stefan Butler, the main character of Bandersnatch, is presented with two options: either pick up a book or the family photo.

According to Netflix, if you try to pick up the family photo twice, you’d end up with an altogether different ending.

My own reaction to this news was:

This tweet has now been shared more than 3000 times and Twitteratis are both excited and frustrated about it. Many of them have expressed their reaction in words and hilarious memes.

Some complained about the lack of time as they’d have to watch it all over again.

Whereas others were pretty much excited to get another the opportunity to experience the episode in a different way.

Needless to say, we tried the secret option and just like many other moments in the episode, the result is quite jumpy. But I won’t give a spoiler here and let you guys find it out for yourself.

In case you are still interested in knowing the ending without wasting time watching Bandersnatch again, comment below the post ;)

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