NBC Launching Its Free Online News Service

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NBC News recently unveiled its online news streaming service called the NBC News Signal. The online service will now go live starting in early May this year.

Going by the name NBC News Now, the online news service will be available on various platforms, including Apple TV and Roku.

As announced via a tweet by NBC News President Noah Oppenheim, the news service will initially start with eight hours of broadcasting, with an aim to provide news for the whole day.

The free news service will include updates on an hourly basis and will be advert-free.

Additionally, NBC News Now won’t require you to subscribe to its cable services and will work well even if you aren’t cable-subscriber.

NBC News Now will be in the ring against the likes of the recently-launched ABC News Live, the long-run CBSN, and Cheddar.

To recall, the online news streaming service has been available as Signal for quite some time, however, as a limited version. It included a show anchored by Simone Boyce along with its original programming.

NBC News’ move to go online was in response to changing trends and the way users have begun getting content online.

However, we are not sure how the online service impresses people once it goes live.

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