YouTube Adding Information Panels To Videos To Alert Users Of Hoaxes


Popular video-streaming platform YouTube will now start adding information panels to videos in the search section to battle fake and hoax news.

The infoboxes, available both in English and Hindi, will let users know whether or not the video he or she is searching for is reliable.

To identify and label videos (mostly sensitive and controversial topics), YouTube will take help from the various verified fact-checkers and deem videos as true, false, or partly true. However, there is no word on what all fact-checkers will collaborate with YouTube.

How This Works?

When a user searches for a particular video, he or she will find an information panel consisting of the fact-checker name, a summary of the video, a claim, and the rating (true, false or partly true) for the video.

However, YouTube won’t remove or check each video on the platform.

Image: Buzzfeed News

While the info panels were not visible when I searched for it at the time of writing, a report by BuzzFeed News suggests that the infobox appeared when they searched for it.

Therefore, presently, the feature is not available for all the users, specifically in India. We will update you once it goes live for everyone. So, stay tuned to this space.

YouTube is a platform full of hoaxes and clickbait, and a feature like this could help users stay beware of misleading videos. What are your thoughts on the same? Comment in the comments section below.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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