10 Most Common Non-Tech Jobs In Tech Companies In 2018

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The first thing that comes into our minds while thinking of employees at tech companies is probably Software Engineers and Data Scientists. But a technology company requires employees beyond those in technical roles, so they hire for non-tech roles too.

The current scenario at the job market doesn’t necessarily require you to be a tech pro to get hired by technology companies. As the growth tech companies increases, they need more non-technical workforce to help transform their technology into revenue. Roles such as sales, marketing, business operation, etc. are crucial to their expansion. These highly coveted positions are also well compensated by tech employers.

This fact is supported by data gathered in the survey published by Glassdoor – which explores the hiring pattern of tech companies in details. So let’s take a look at the top non-tech job listings at tech companies for 2018.

Most Common Non-Tech Jobs Hirings By Tech Companies

1. Account Executive

Account Executives usually work in a sales role and are mainly responsible for maintaining existing accounts (customer) or creating new accounts. Depending on the organization, they work in coordination with sales representatives or account managers.

  • Average Salary: $73,087/yr
  • Percentage of open Account Executive jobs at tech companies: 3.2% 

2. Project Manager

The role of Project Manager is to help teams plan and execute projects that would ultimately support and help in achieving business goals. They take on the tough task of maintaining teams and running projects on-time and within budget.

  • Average Salary: $100,282/yr
  • Percentage of open Project Manager jobs at tech companies: 2.3% 

3. Sales Representative

Also known as Sale Reps, they mainly sell a company’s product by generating leads, educating prospects on the products through call, training, or presentations and provide exceptional support to the customers.

  • Average Salary: $39,300/yr
  • Percentage of open Sales Representatives jobs at tech companies:2.0% 

4. Operations Manager

The role Operations Manager is to oversee the planning, coordinating, and executing of services. It also includes the effective and successful management of labor, productivity, and quality control.

  • Average Salary: $96,991/yr
  • Percentage of open Operations Manager jobs at tech companies: 1.8% 

5. Account Manager

An Account Manager manages and develops a business relationship with an assigned group of customers (accounts). Typically, they remain assigned to the same set of accounts and are responsible for helping the clients get the most out of their purchased products and increase revenue by introducing them to new ones.

  • Average Salary: $81,176/yr
  • Percentage of open Account Manager jobs at tech companies: 1.7% 

6. Product Marketing Manager

A role in Product Marketing Manager involves market research and creating compelling marketing campaigns for new products. They are also the “voice of the customer” within a company as they carefully research customer needs and experiences.

  • Average Salary: $99,676/yr
  • Percentage of open Product Marketing jobs at tech companies:1.7% 

7.Marketing Manager

The role of a Marketing Manager is to develop strategic marketing plans for a company through market research and coordinated channeling. It also includes overseeing the implementations and execution of those marketing strategies.

  • Average Salary: $106,083/yr
  • Percentage of open Product Marketing jobs at tech companies: 1.7% 

8. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts track the company’s financial performance against a plan by providing periodic reports. They analyze business growth and market conditions to make predictions which helps the senior management in taking strategic decisions.

  • Average Salary: $74,473/yr
  • Percentage of open Product Marketing jobs at tech companies: 1.5% 

9. Sales Manager

Sales Manager lead the sales teams to achieve their sales target. They mostly hire and train team member, set their individual targets and evaluate their performance. This role may also require a person to travel frequently.

  • Average Salary: $103,481/yr
  • Percentage of open Product Marketing jobs at tech companies: 1.4% 

10. Outside Sales

Outside Sales is the job of selling products or services by the sales personnel by going out into the field to meet with prospective customers. It is a client-facing job that requires frequent travel and maintaining business relations with existing customers.

  • Average Salary: $106,083/yr
  • Percentage of open Product Marketing jobs at tech companies: 1.3% 

Final Words

If the 10 jobs mentioned above are taken into account, they form about 18% of all the non-tech job openings in a tech company. Keep in mind that these are the most abundantly available ones but in reality, there are many more available in a multitude of different roles. This is why I would suggest job seekers to look across other sections too rather than concentrating on a few distinct roles. So if working in a tech company is what you want, go ahead and grab that job without worrying about the lack technical knowledge!

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