10 Best VR Movies You Can Watch Right Now [For Free]

best vr movies for free

Virtual Reality is still a developing field, but there are still a lot of great VR movies and documentaries available right now. Watching a movie in VR is very different from watching a movie on a 2D screen. The level of immersion is entirely different, and it also gives the creators something to experiment with.

We have put together some of the best VR movies you can watch right away for free. However, it is a shame that there are not a lot of feature-length films shot in VR. That’s why we will have to make do with short films and documentaries.

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Best VR Movies


Miyubi is a 40-minute virtual reality comedy about a Japanese toy robot (The viewer). The story follows many characters through the eyes of Miyubi. The main cast is a dysfunctional family who purchased the toy robot for their son’s birthday gift. There’s also a secret ending featuring Jeff Goldblum as Miyubi’s creator.

Note: We also recommend that you check out other VR movies from the makers of this video: Felix and Paul Studios.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a story-driven short film best experienced in VR. The story follows the story of two amateur drug traffickers who have hidden their stash of high-value narcotics. Unfortunately, they are also in debt to Frank.

Frank offers them a way out by playing a game of Russian Roulette. The movie is quite suspenseful from the beginning to the end. There’s also a shocking revelation at the end that completely flips the story upside down.

Inside the Box of Kurios

Inside the Box of Kurios is a VR short movie based on the critically acclaimed show Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil! The whole show is a completely modern-day circus experience. You can watch the movie several times and find new things at every screening.

Note: It has even won the 2016 Daytime EMMY Award for Outstanding Interactive Media.

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes is a short VR movie about a dysfunctional family dealing with the death of their grandfather. The story follows the funny premise of fulfilling the grandfather’s last wish. The wish is to turn his urn into a bomb and launch it into the sky. You see the whole story unfold from the perspective of the urn, making it great for VR.

Best VR Movies (Action)

Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry isn’t exactly a VR film, but it is shot entirely in the first person. What makes this movie even more fun is watching it in VR. This film is a complete rollercoaster in terms of action and makes you feel like John Wick. It is quite an experience unlike any other.

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis is a VR short movie about war and refugees in North America. Viewers will see the movie from a refugee fleeing from war. It is a must-watch considering the current global situation and the Russia-Ukraine war. It shows us the many hardships that refugees face during such conflicts.

Best VR Movies (Documentary)

Surviving 9/11

Surviving 9/11 is a documentary that depicts the story of the last survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is a 20-minute VR cinematic documentary featuring exclusive, and never-seen-before footage of the World Trade Center remastered for VR. Get to know what it felt like to be on ground zero during the attack.

Best VR Movies (For Kids)

Invasion VR

Animation is also not that far behind when it comes to VR movies. Invation is a 2017 Emmy award winner from the director of Madagascar. The story follows two ambitious aliens with grand plans to take over the world. However, these plans are stopped, thanks to an adorable little bunny. The film even has a sequel called ‘Asteroids‘ that you can check out on YouTube.

Best VR Movies (Horror)

The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience

The Conjuring is one of the most iconic horror movies. After the success of The Conjuring 2, a VR experience was released to hype up its popularity even further. The VR experience puts you in Hodgson’s house from the film as you explore it. You will face many spooky situations similar to the cast of the film. Are you ready to come face to face with and face with ‘Valac’ and the’ Crooked Man?’

IT: Float

IT: Float is another VR experience straight from the iconic horror flick. If you thought you could escape Pennywise, think again. The murderous clown is back and scarier than ever in VR. The VR experience takes you through the streets of the small town of Derry, Maine, and the sewers where the clown presides. Definitely not for the faint of heart, especially if you fear clowns.

VR Movies to watch

As you can see, there are not that many feature-length VR movies out there right now. The only VR movies we have are either documentaries or 10-20 min long short films. However, you should check out Felix and Paul Studios, as they have made many award-winning VR movies and experiences.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about the VR movies on this list.

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