League Of Legends Is Reportedly Coming To Android & iOS Devices Soon

League of legends mobile version
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There are very few multiplayer online battle arena video games that can compete with League of Legends in terms of popularity. League of Legends is arguably one of the most popular desktop-based video games, and now it’s coming to mobile devices as well.

As reported by Reuters, the renowned game developer Tencent Holdings Ltd. is planning to bring the mobile version of League of Legends. To develop the game, Tencent is working with Riot Games, a US-based subsidiary of Tencent.

This is not the first time that Tencent and Riot have initiated talks about developing a mobile version of the popular MOBA game. Earlier, Tencent proposed to Riot for bringing in the mobile version, but the latter refused.

Relations between the two companies further soured when Tencent launched “Honour of Kings,” a League of Legends-like game exclusively for China. Honour of Kings later became the world’s highest grossing multiple online battle arena game.

Now, the companies are again putting their foot together to bring the mobile version of the popular game. Reports suggest that the companies have been working on the mobile version of League of Legends for a year now.

Since there is no official announcement from either company as of now, do not expect the game to launch anytime in 2019.

Riot has been persistent in not exactly copying the game and porting it to mobile devices. Therefore, we can see the familiar gameplay and design but newer characters and added elements.

One of the major reasons why Tencent and Riot are planning to release the mobile version is the falling revenue generated from League of Legends desktop version amidst the competition arising from other games. Both companies want to monetize the popularity of the game and encash it.

The mobile version of League of Legends will expand the player base as Asian players are more inclined towards playing games on mobile as compared to western players who prefer consoles.

We’re not sure about the details of the game as of the moment and we’ll have to wait for the official announcement for the same.

Are you excited about the mobile version of League of Legends?

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