Epic Fail: Microsoft Presenter Ditches Edge Browser During Live Demo And Installs Chrome

In case you haven’t set Microsoft Edge as your default web browser in Windows 10, the chances are that your OS would have suggested you to use Edge. But, how do you react when you find a Microsoft employee using Chrome during a live demo?

The story goes like this: During an Azure presentation in a live demo session, a Microsoft employee’s Edge browser kept crashing. So, he did the most sensible thing anybody can imagine–he installed Google Chrome.

Moreover, Microsoft even chose to upload the video, which described how to migrate data to Redmond’s cloud, on YouTube.

The employee being mentioned here is Michael Leoworthy, who is the director of Microsoft’s Azure and Cloud Platform, according to Kotaku.

He seems to handle the incident, which continues for about 3-4 minutes, pretty well. When Chrome prompted him to share browser data and usage stats, Leoworthy jokes that he’s “is not going to help make Google better.”

Kudos to him for handling the situation well and not hesitating from installing Chrome to get the job done.

Did you find yourself in the middle of such situation during some presentation? Don’t hesitate to share your story with other Fossbytes readers.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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