Snapchat Planets Guide 2024: What Do They Mean?

Snapchat Plus
Image: Snapchat

It’s safe to assume that Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, thanks in part to its unique features and the fact that it isn’t part of Meta. Additionally, to make things interesting, the company regularly introduces new features with the Snapchat Plus subscription. Keeping with the trend, users now have access to a solar system of planets representing their friendships with others. Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat Planets and what they signify.

Your Snapchat Solar System

To better understand the feature, imagine it as your own personalized solar system, with you as the center, similar to the sun. Much like the actual solar system, your closest friends are represented by orbiting planets, with each planet corresponding to a specific friend and its proximity to you reflecting the strength of your bond.

In total, there are eight planets in the Snapchat solar system, each representing a different friend ranked based on your interactions. Planets in the solar system include:

  1. Mercury: Your closest friend on the platform, symbolized by several red hearts and a red-like planet.
    Image of the mercury planet in Snapchat
  2. Venus: Represents your second-best friend, symbolized by pink, yellow, and blue hearts, along with a yellow planet.
    Image of the venus planet in Snapchat
  3. Earth: Represents your third-best friend, featuring the moon and a few red hearts.
    Image of Earth in Snapchat
  4. Mars: Symbolizes your fourth-best friend on the platform, represented by a red planet and a mix of hearts.
    Image of the Mars planet in Snapchat
  5. Jupiter: Denotes your fifth-best friend, represented by an orange planet with hints of red and stars.
    Image of the Jupiter
  6. Saturn: Your sixth-best friend, represented by an orange planet with rings and several stars.
    Image of the Saturn
  7. Uranus: Represents your seventh closest friend, denoted by a sea-green planet.
    Image of Uranus
  8. Neptune: Represents your eighth closest friend, symbolized by a blue planet.
    Image of Neptune in Snapchat

How to access your solar system?

Before we get ahead, it is important to note that your Snapchat solar system is unique to your profile, meaning that only you can see whom you’re best friends with. While you’ll see a “Best Friends” badge when you and your friend have each other on your respective best friends’ lists, you’ll only see a “Friends” badge if they have you on their best friends’ list, but you don’t have them. To access this:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Navigate to your friend’s profile.
  3. Click on the “Best Friends” tag to check how close you are.

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