Apple’s iPad And iPhone Designers Develop Special Face Masks

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Apple Inc. previously developed a face shield for medical workers and distributed millions of them. Now, its design team has developed two custom face masks for its corporate and retail employees.

The Cupertino tech giant has created an Apple Face Mask for its staff. Clear Mask, the second custom face mask, is made at a different location. Moreover, the engineers that design iPads and iPhones are behind the development of these custom face masks.

These custom-made masks feature a three-layer design to filter both the incoming and outgoing particles. As per the company, the masks are washable and are reusable up to 5 times.

The masks have large coverings on the top and bottom to cover the wearer’s nose and chin. Also, these masks come with adjustable strings to fit around a person’s ear.

The Apple Face Mask has a triangular shape to acclimate the nose without fogging the glasses. It also features a rounded section for the chin.

The other one, “Apple’s Clear Masks,” are the first FDA (Food & Drug Administration) cleared surgical mask. They are completely transparent and the entire face of the wearer is completely visible to another person. Even deaf people can understand what the wearer is trying to say.

Apple said it underwent extensive research and testing to find the most suitable material to filter the air. It also made sure that the masks were not disrupting the supply of medical personal protective equipment.

Before this, Apple was providing standard cloth masks to its employees. It will start supplying the Apple Face Mask to its staff in the coming weeks.

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