Microsoft Has No Plans For VR Because “Nobody Is Asking For It”


Xbox head, Phil Spencer’s recent interview with the Australian gaming website Stevivor hinted that Microsoft wouldn’t be innovating in Virtual Reality because “Nobody is asking for VR.”

Phil Spencer, who drives the Xbox team, downgraded the VR experience in the interview, calling it “isolating” and saying that consumers are not looking for a VR experience.

This is not the first time Spencer has downplayed VR. In 2017, he told ArsTechnica, “Hey, when can you deliver a family room VR experience.’ I think a little of the setup with TV and dragging cables across the room is a little difficult.”

Forget VR in Xbox’s Project Scarlett

While rumors were indicating the lack of Virtual Reality support in the next-generation Xbox, Spencer’s words clearly confirm it.

On the other hand, Sonly is all up and ready to provide VR support in the PlayStation 5, scheduled to come in February 2020. In fact, there is strong evidence that we will witness a new VR headset from the company.

Nobody’s selling millions and millions

In the interview with Stevivor, Spencer also added that “see the volumes of those on PC and other places… nobody’s selling millions and millions [of VR headsets].”

While he is accurate on the popularity and sales of PC’s, his numbers with VR sales are not accurate. Back in March, Sony announced that it had sold over 4.2 million units of PlayStation VR since 2016.

Also, a report from Superdata suggested that last year saw an estimated userbase of 14 million VR users, which is likely to grow to 51 million by 2022. Of course, the VR sales are not revolutionary, but it is steady and growing with each year.

Sony and fans disagree

While Microsoft believes that there is no future in the VR industry, Sony and VR fans like to think otherwise. Shortly after Spencer’s comments came out, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida who was helped the growth of PlayStation VR tweeted,

“We oftentimes work hard to make things that no customers are asking for”

While Yoshida didn’t call out Spencer, it is clear that the tweet is directed at Spencer’s comment of customers not wanting a VR.

And not just Sony, hundreds of fans have come out slamming the comments made by the Spencer.

“Have you not seen Oculus rise over the last decade? It’s the next frontier.” said a user in a tweet. Another one said, “While I’m still getting the Scarlett, this is really frustrating.”

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