ResetPlug — This Tiny Device Promises To Solve All Your Wi-Fi Router Problems​

Auto reset plug
Auto reset plug

Auto reset plugShort Bytes: Wi-Fi ResetPlug is a smart network monitoring tool which constantly monitors your internet connection. If it detects an outage in the connection, it automatically power-cycles the Wi-Fi router and if the internet is not working, it will again power-cycle after five minutes until the internet comes up.

While using Wi-Fi, we always face the problem of internet connection getting lost. In most of the scenarios, we prefer to reset our internet connection by switching on and off the Wi-Fi modem or router. Then, we wait and hope for the internet connection to resume.

Besides power cycling, there are other tweaks to increase internet speed as well. But, when the internet connection goes off, power cycling is the most proven way to turn on the internet connection.

However, what about when we get a small device which could all these stuff for us without any manual intervention? That small device is called ResetPlug.

Working of Wi-Fi ResetPlug:

Auto ResetPlug is a kind of smart device which constantly monitors your internet connection. And when it detects that Wi-Fi isn’t working, it will automatically restart your Wi-Fi router by turning it off and then on again.

In a way, ResetPlug acts like a monitoring client which constantly keeps an eye over on whether the internet client is running without any steep drop in the bandwidth. And if detects so, it resets the router by providing a power cycle.

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Sometimes, it also happens that our modem, router, and the access point are all three different devices. In that case, you can simply plug them all into the ResetPlug

The power cycle is of five minutes. That mean ResetPlug will wait for five minutes to test if the internet connection is working again and if not, it will again go for a power cycle.

However, a better solution also comes with some downside and with ResetPlug, the downside is its price as it costs around $60.

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