Meta Says Reels Take Over 20% Of User’s Instagram Time

Instagram users are gaving good time with Reels.


Meta has announced that Reels account for 20% of the total time users spend on Instagram. The company also revealed that Facebook users spend 50% of their time on the platform watching videos. Meta didn’t confirm how much time is spent on Reels, but they did mention that Reels are performing well on Instagram as well as Facebook.

Seeing the immense popularity of TikTok, Facebook’s parent company Meta introduced Reels on both Instagram and Facebook. Meta has released stats on how Reels are performing for the very first time.

Reels Take 20% Of User’s Instagram Time

Talking about the monetization of Reels, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the monetization in short-form videos is not as good as in Stories. However, the company is optimistic about its future.

As per Zuckerberg, Meta had similar experiences in the past when they could not monetize Stories over the feed. But it did improve with time, and now Stories bring a good chunk of the platform’s overall advertising revenue.

Meta is expecting the same thing for Reels. It will be a multi-year journey as it is the early days of ads in Reels. Zuckerberg also said in the last 18 years; Facebook has seen several changes in how users consume media. Short-form videos are the newest among these changes.

Meta is also seeing the advancement of AI. And how it is driving recommendations in feeds for both Posts and Reels. From being curated from a user’s social circle, feeds are now getting recommended by AI algorithms.

Undoubtedly, AI algorithms will play a pivotal role in the adoption of Reels. For the same reason, TikTok has gained all of its popularity within just a few years. What are your thoughts about people spending 20% of their time watching Reels on Instagram? Let us know in the comments section.

Ratnesh Kumar

Ratnesh Kumar

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