Meta Changes Its Privacy Policy And Here Is All You Need To Know

Meta Changes Its Privacy Policy And Here Is All You Need To Know
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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has produced a new revision of its Terms of Service and updated its privacy policy. Facebook’s old data policy is now Meta’s privacy policy. The company now proudly says that it won’t collect user data “in new ways”.

This may sound sketchy to some people. However, Meta said that the policy is rewritten” to make it easier to understand and to reflect the latest products we offer.” The company even said that Meta “is not collecting, using or sharing your data in new ways based on this policy update and we still do not sell your information.”

What is Meta’s new policy about?

Meta Changes Its Privacy Policy And Here Is All You Need To Know
image credit: Unsplash

Meta has published an article detailing why its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been changed. They say that the new privacy policy tweaks the language and adds examples to help people understand different segments.

According to a report from the verge; Meta’s new privacy policy holds up for the “better or worse” against the previous one. This whole “won’t share data” sounds good, but the problem is Facebook already uses the user data for targeted advertisements. So what does not using user data even stand for?

Meta has made attempts to make its Privacy Policy simpler and easier to read on multiple occasions in the past (for example, in 2014 and 2018). While this layout may do the greatest job thus far, it may help Meta more than it helps consumers comprehend what they’re consenting to.

An internal memo from Facebook’s Ad team earlier this year revealed that even the company’s engineers have no idea how to manage user data in a way that is genuinely secure. Employees at Facebook have even referred to the platform’s database as “open borders.”

Facebook’s location-based functions, such as “Nearby Friends” and “Whereabouts History,” which both collected the user’s location in the background, were recently withdrawn. Facebook’s app, on the other hand, continues to collect location data “for other experiences.”

Meta’s new Privacy Policy applies to a lot of their products like Facebook, Instagram, messenger, and some others as well. However, products like WhatsApp, workplace, Messenger kids, or Quest devices are relieved from it.

Meta is quite serious about the whole Metaverse future and although people have mixed feelings about it, Meta is taking cautious steps regarding all its products and services. How do you feel about Meta’s changed policy? Comment down below.

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