Manjaro Linux Drops 32-Bit Support, Manjaro 17.0.3 Is The Last 32-bit Release

Manjaro Linux is one of the fastest growing Linux distros around. It’s known for its user-friendliness and power of Arch base. Since its inception, it has been loved by the Linux enthusiasts who wished to see something fresh on their machines. Earlier this year in March, Manjaro 17.0 Gellivera was released.

Just yesterday, Manjaro Project Leader Philip Muller released Manjaro Linux 17.0.3, which is the final release of Gellivera, after two months of development. This release brings improved hardware detection, installer fixes, and the addition of the latest packages. Overall, this release has polished Manjaro as a whole.

Manjaro is dropping 32-bit support

This release has also come with a bad news for some people. As a result of the decreasing popularity of i686 hardware among the users and developers, the project has decided to drop the support for 32-bit machines.

As a result, Manjaro 17.0.3 is the last ISO that you can install on 32-bit machines. During the months of Septemeber and October, which will be the depreciation period, Manjaro 32-bit installs will still be receiving updates. After that, the architecture will be unsupported.

It’s worth noting that Manjaro parent distro Arch Linux has itself dropped the support for 32-bit machines. As Manjaro depends heavily on Arch packages, this change makes sense.

What else is new in Manjaro 17.0.3?

Manjaro 17.0.3 ships with the default Linux 4.9 series, Xorg-Stack from v1.19 series, Plasma 5, updated graphical package managers, improvements in Manjaro Tools & Profiles, and more.

You can visit the release in Manjaro Forum and download Manjaro 17.0.3 Xfce, KDE, and GNOME Edition here.

Are you using a 32-bit machine? Did you find this announcement disheartening? Don’t forget to share your views and suggestions.

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