Male Characters in The Sims 4 Are Getting Pregnant Due to a Bug

sims 4 male player preganncy bug
sims 4 male player preganncy bug


Last month released expansion pack “Get To Work” for The Sims 4 gave players the chance to actively control created characters if they joined up to one of the new career paths. But who would have thought this $40 expansion will make bring much fuss. Now do you want to know what is this whole fuss about, read ahead!

As I mentioned, you will get new career paths with this new expansion which are those of a doctor, a detective and the scientist paths and last but not the least the Alien Abduction Path. In this path, players are facing some bizarre and hilarious side effects which also include the male pregnancies after this alien abduction.

Players noticed this bug after the frequency of alien abductions in the game was increasing pretty fast. All the males returning from the other galaxy after the abduction are now with a child in their “womb” and they all became pregnant. This can be explained by a single ridiculous theory that these male characters are “WooHooing” (The Sims‘ equivalent of making love) the alien females. Then in reverse cause they all became pregnant. But as we all know, that’s not even remotely possible. What’s even intriguing is that a lot of players thought this was really cool – to see a male character in that condition.

So after all this fuss, Electronic Arts finally reduced the alien abduction and they were thinking this will reduce the pregnancy automatically. But one more time they were proven wrong – now the males are pregnant without any alien abduction. So now no one can explain this with any ridiculous theory.

Now the male character are having more problems like when their bump grows, glitter explodes from their bellies. Also, players have to face more and more glitches which some of them are thinking as part of the gameplay and some of them are thinking as some fault which is left by EA without noticing it.

Now you have to wait and see what EA says in this matter. But for now every awkward or different gameplay will feel like it is a problem in the game. As a result, EA has to accept that The Sims 4 has some bugs and they have to remove it.

Did you find this male pregnancy bug in The Sims 4 hilarious? Tell us in comments below!

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