Make Your Own Simplest Electric Train

electric train
electric train

World-simplest-electric-trainHave you ever thought of making some cool stuff at home? Well if not, you are about to learn how to make an electric train, not a real one but a cool one. If you think that it’s impossible to make an electric train by yourself, then you are wrong because simple components like magnets, copper wire and battery will make this happen.

Here’s a video to demonstrate the train at its best and after this video, I will tell how to make this at your home.

How to make for yourself?

To make this simplest electric train, you will need four Neodymium magnets, a long coiled copper wire, and a simple alkaline battery. In the start, you have to attach two magnets to each port of the battery. After that, you just have to design different copper wire tunnels or rail to run your train.

Why is this happening?

As you noticed in the video that Magnet’s diameter is bigger than dry cell battery’s diameter. The electric current flowing through the coil will generate an electromagnetic effect. From this electromagnet, one pole of neodymium magnet will repel and the other one will attract. So both will work in the same direction by creating a bigger force to move the train inside a copper coil. Now the same procedure will follow until the train reaches its destination.

Bonus video:

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