Are We Living In A Computer Simulated World? Probably Not.

Computer simulated environment
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The famous TV series Westworld has indeed forced many to believe that we are living in a world simulated by powerful computers and artificial intelligence. The second season of the show has sparked the interest of the sci-fi enthusiasts even more.

The debate whether we are real or virtual is not new.

A research carried out by physicists in the past has outlawed the possibilities of our existence being a mere simulation on the grounds of the fact that it is impossible to replicate the physics of our universe even on most powerful computers.

Zohar Ringel and Dmitry Kovrizhin, theoretical physicists at the University of Oxford and the Hebrew University in Isreal, conducted research where they applied Monte Carlo Simulations which involves computations used to generate probabilities to quantum moving objects through different dimensions.

It was found out that classical systems are inadequate to create the mathematics that is required to describe quantum systems.

As reported by PBS: Public Broadcasting Service, scientists reached the conclusion “by proving that classical physics can’t erase the sign problem, a particular quirk of quantum Monte Carlo simulations of gravitational anomalies (like warped spacetime, except in this case the researchers used an analogue from condensed matter physics).”

In opposition to this, some physicists have said that it is impossible to prove whether we are living in a simulated environment or not because it is likely that the evidence collected to oppose the fact maybe a result generated by the simulated environment itself.

The debate is still a hot topic amongst physicists, and much detailed research is needed to land on a firm conclusion.

Do you think we are mere puppets working inside a large computer-simulated environment or what we are experiencing is the reality?

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