linux kernel tux logo distorted
If you search Linux kernel today and look for Linux mascot Tux on the search result page, you’ll notice something unusual. The Google card showed along with the results features a little distorted logo of Tux (Read Tux origin story here). Why is it so? Is our beloved Tux not feeling okay?

Before going ahead and telling you about the exact reason, let me tell you that everything is fine and Linux kernel development is being carried out without any hiccups. The final release of Linux kernel 4.13 is scheduled to arrive on September 3.

Tux looks a bit off from linux

Coming back to the distorted Linux logo, let me tell you that Google is picking it from Linux kernel’s Google Plus Page. So, you don’t need to worry about any vandalism.

As spotted by Reddit user, Jonno_FTW, the image was first shared by Konstantin Ryabitsev, who is the Director of IT Infrastructure Security at The Linux Foundation.

Ryabitsev shared the image on April 1, 2015, after Linus named the Linux 4.0 release as “Hurr Durr I’ma Sheep.” It looks like, somehow, Google cached the image and ended up showing it in its search results.

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