Linux Gaming In 2016: 1000+ Games Released On Steam With Linux Support


Short Bytes: There’s no denying the fact that Linux systems aren’t the number 1 choice of a hardcore gamer. But, the scenario is changing and the same trend is reflected by the number of games released with Linux support on Steam. Overall, in 2016, 1,018 games were released on Steam with Linux support.

Do you remember the time when people didn’t even consider Linux-based machines for playing computer games with impressive graphics? Well, times have changed and Linux kernel developers and distribution vendors are putting serious efforts into adding better support to modern GPUs and their drivers.

Popular Linux gaming news website Gaming on Linux recently published the 2016’s Linux gaming overview. This year, more than 1,000 games have been released on Steam with Linux support.

According to the exact count in the overview, 1,018 games have been released this year.

Another interesting piece of data was shared by @Steam_Spy, who tells that 38% of games on Steam have released this year:

This percentage and count will surely rise next year. The Linux gaming scenario is improving each year and so is the quality of games.

Well, do Fossbytes readers use Linux machines for gaming purposes? Don’t forget to tell us your views and system configuration in the comments section below.

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