Coronavirus Update: 100% Immune Response Found In Recovered Cases

Coronavirus Immune Response Recovery

As Covid-19 wreaks havoc across the world, the search for a Coronavirus vaccine continues. Updates regarding vaccine development are reported regularly, which is a promising sign in the battle against this virus.

Recently, two researchers measured the immune response in 20 Covid-19 patients and found some interesting results. They discovered that almost 100% of the patient’s immune system was activated and successfully made anti-bodies.

Moreover, the T-Cells, which provide core adaptive immunity, easily recognize the protein-peptide molecules of the Coronavirus in lab conditions. This indicates a healthy immunity in those who have successfully recovered from the Coronavirus.

The researchers, Dr. Biol. Sci. from the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccine research, along with Dr. Shane Crotty, from the Lo Jolla Institute for Immunology, published their findings in a new paper.

They performed the study on 20 recovered Covid-19 patients who had shown normal signs of recovery. It is imperative that patients didn’t suffer from the additional complexities that Coronavirus is known to cause.

It is majorly because the researchers wanted to establish a benchmark for the normal performance of the immune system to compare future cases.

In their study, they found that in 100% of Covid-19 patients, the immune system fought back with antibodies and CD4 T-Cells.

The researchers also found that 70% of patients had also developed CD8 T-cells, which are imperative in destroying cancer or viral infections.

This news is of great importance to the researchers because now they know the response of the immune system when Coronavirus attacks. It will help doctors and researchers in designing a vaccine for the disease that can elicit a similarly strong response.

Researchers also explained why there’s such a diverse immune response to the Coronavirus attack in different people.

Given the severity of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, any degree of cross-reactive coronavirus immunity could have a very substantial impact on the overall course of the pandemic.

Researchers think that exposure to different kinds of less severe Coronavirus could explain the varying levels of immune responses in a chunk of the population. However, more study is required for anything to be conclusive.

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