Learn it Faster: The Entire JavaScript Language In A Single Image

javascript in single image
javascript in single image

javascript-in-single-imageShort Bytes: A developer named Yusheng has created an amazing infographic that shows the entire JavaScript language syntax into one single image. Take a look and save it for a quick reminder.

What if you had to study one single page to get the complete idea of a programming language? Well, along the similar lines, today we are sharing an educative infographic that encapsulates the entire JavaScript programming syntax into one single image. For Python in a single image: The Entire Python Language in a Single Image

A China-based developer Yusheng has created this amazing interactive infographic that paints the entire JavaScript on a single canvas. You must be aware that JavaScript is the hottest programming language right now and it’s a language that could earn you big bucks.

This mind map for JavaScript is here for you with code examples and it covers ES5. Yusheng is developing the ES6 syntax and we’ll be sharing it with you soon.

You can save the image below to have a quick look to brush up your memory.

For a better experience, you can access the map online or download it from GitHub repository.

Want To Learn JavaScript? Click Here 

The Entire JavaScript Language in a Single Image (click to enlarge)


Want To Learn JavaScript? Click Here 

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