Node.js 4.0 is Now Available for Download, First Stable Release

node js 4
node js 4

node-js-4Short Bytes: The Node.js Foundation has released the Node.js 4.0 version. This version is the first stable release and it contains the io.js code along with ES6 support.

Node.js has finally hit a stable version today and its 4.0 version is available for download. This version comes with enhanced ES6 support and it’s the first release that contains io.js code.

This release comes after three days of the first Release Candidate and the announcements of Node.js Foundation’s first ever Board of Directors. In a statement, the Node.js 4.0 team says: “This release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Node.js project and the io.js project that are now combined in a single codebase.”

It should be noted that earlier this year, Node.js and io.js project split over some disputer over the framework. This resulted in a fuss as developers started paying their allegiance to their favorite sides. Now everything is back one track and Node.js is here with the enhanced ES6 support and V8 JavaScript engine used in the Chrome Web browser.

Node.js 4.0 also brings support for ARM supports for the first time and the team has developed a testing suite to check the consistency of Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, SmartOS and ARM devices. Other new features include ES6 classes, typed arrays, generators, promises, arrow functions, symbols, template strings, and block scoping.

You can download Node.js from official website.

It should be noted that work on Node 5.x is already under progress.

With this release, Node.js 4.0 will enter an 18 month LTS that will be followed by a maintenance mode that will bring security and critical fixes.

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