Laika BOSS: Lockheed Open Sources Secret Cyber Threat Detection Weapon

cyber security workplace
cyber security workplace

Short Bytes: Lockheed Martin has decided to open source its secret cyber threat detection tool Laika BOSS at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas.

FossBytes has always warned you about the levels to which the hackers and cyber attackers have reached. In the recent Black Hat Conference at Las Vegas, it has been brought to light how a cyber security firm Synack was able to hack the satellites by intercepting and decoding the unencrypted signals.

To curb the festering cyber attacks globally and detecting the malicious software, Lockheed Martin has decided to share some of its defensive tools with the cyber community at the Black Hat Conference. The American company plans the open source release of its advanced cyber threat detection tool to  arm the security analysts to hunt down malicious data movement more efficiently.

Laika BOSS is the Lockheed’s indigenous kill chain methodology to thwart cyber threats. Unlike other malware detection tools, Laika BOSS is able to atomize individual file elements for close inspection. The so-called secret cyber threat detection weapon of Lockheed looks specifically for the files that hold some semantic meaning, rather than monitoring whole traffic. It inspects not only the outer layer of traffic, but also deep within the files.

The cyber detection tool has separate modules for the step-wise analysis of the data that ensure that BOSS doesn’t burden itself, missing the important fragments. This technique helps in deep scrutinizing the data and correlating the results for the accurate detection of threats.

Black Hat Conference has had some of the biggest names and startups turning in the event and showcasing unimaginable techniques of cyber attacks and also cyber detection weapons and tools.

Red Balloon Security team left the attendees in awe when they hacked into the printer to steal data through radio waves.

You can check out Lockheed’s cyber threat detection tool on GitHub

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