Mother of All RAMs: World’s Fastest 128GB DDR4 RAM Kits Are Here

worlds fastest ram 128 gb kingston
worlds fastest ram 128 gb kingston

worlds-fastest-ram-128-gb-kingston--Two years ago when I bought my current PC, I thought 8GB RAM was enough and today 8GB or 16GB RAMs in PCs are a common sight. But what about whooping 128GB RAM – Sounds insane? Now companies like Kingston and Corsair have made the 128GB RAMs a reality.

Earlier this week, Kingston claimed that it is set to roll out the highest performing memory kit for computers. This is a part of Kingston’s HyperX lineup and is DDR4 type. Kingston called it world’s fastest DDR4 126GB RAM kit and it runs at 3000MHz. This includes eight modules of 16GB modules and the timings on them are 16-16-16-36.

HyperX, a division of Kingston Inc., is a leader in memory products, will be releasing a high-end system featuring these modules during the Computex Taipei.

The processor used in the test system was an Intel Core i7 5820K. Right now, Kingston hasn’t told much about the availability and pricing of these 128GB RAM kits. Take a look at the screenshots of the system performance below:

worlds-fastest-ram-128-gb-kingston-- worlds-fastest-ram-128-gb-kingston--

In another similar news, Corsair released 128GB DDR4 memory kits a couple of days before. The technology company has three 128GB kits – one in the Vengeance LPX and two Dominator Platinum sets. These are now available for purchase and designed for Intel X99 series motherboards.


These first available kits run at 2400Mz and the kits with more speed will be coming soon. These memory kits come with lifetime warranty.

Take a look at the specifications and price below:

Vengeance LPX 128 GB 8 x 16 GB modules 2400 MHz 14-16-16-31, 1.2 V $1754.99
Dominator Platinum 128 GB 8 x 16 GB modules 2400 MHz 14-16-16-31, 1.2 V $1979.99
Dominator Platinum 128 GB 8 x 16 GB modules 2666 MHz 15-17-17-35, 1.2 V $2119.99

Are you planning to buy these super fast and super costly RAM kits? Tell us in comments below!

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