KGF Chapter 2 Release Date: Will It Be On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Or Zee5?

KGF Chapter 2 release date on Amazon Prime Video
Image credit: Dream Warrior Pictures

Rocky Bhai will soon be back to win the hearts of fans with KGF Chapter 2. The film will serve as a sequel to the blockbuster 2018 movie KGF. Fans have been waiting to watch the movie for months now. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, its release has shifted multiple times.

Finally, the 2022 action drama is slated for a global release on April 14, 2022. Like most big-name films, it will initially take the cinema route. Moreover, with the huge hype around the movie, most fans will prefer watching it in theaters.

But there are still a few like me who might be interested in watching it on OTT platforms. On that note, let’s find out if KGF Chapter 2 is coming to any OTT platforms.

Will ‘KGF’ Chapter 2 be released on Netflix?

KGF Chapter 2 release date on Amazon Prime Video
Image credit: Dream Warrior Pictures

With a star-studded cast featuring the likes of Yash, Sanjay Dutt, and Raveena Tandon, one might feel an equally glorious streaming service would get the rights for KGF 2. And for many, that would be Netflix. However, as of now, there is no word about the new Yash movie coming to Netflix.

But what we do know is the fact that Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast is rumored to be coming to Netflix. While both movies will clash in theaters, it doesn’t seem like they will arrive on the same OTT platform.

Will ‘KGF’ Chapter 2 be released on Zee5?

In recent times, Zee5 has become one of the leading platforms in bagging rights to big-name movies. As per a few reports, Zee5 has also brought the rights to KGF Part 2, but there is no official confirmation.

Will ‘KGF’ Chapter 2 be released on Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video is considered the top dog in terms of releasing big regional films. But in recent times, the streaming service has failed to gather amazing OTT titles. However, in the case of KGF’s sequel, we believe Prime Video will be the one to stream it.

After all, it already has KGF Chapter 1 in its library. You can at least watch it online before we get a confirmation about part 2’s arrival on the streaming service.

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