Java 11 Is Now Available With New Features: Download JDK 11 Here


When Oracle released Java 10 earlier this year in March, it marked the beginning of a new era with Java development moving to a new six-month cycle. With the recent release of Java 11, we’ve now dived deeper.

It’s worth noting that Java Development Kit (JDK) 11 is the first version to be shipped as the Long Term Release Support of Java SE platform. This means that Java 11 will be supported for another eight years by Oracle and the users will be able to enjoy fixes and updates.

For those who don’t know, Oracle has planned to ship the LTS releases every three years, with the usual releases being pushed every six months. It implies that Java 17 will be the next LTS release, which is scheduled to arrive in 2021.

Coming back to the major features and changes in Java 11, there are numerous additions, including the new standard HTTP library that brings support for HTTP/2 and allows flow-based HTTP/1.

Java 11 also brings along Nest-based access controls, ZGC (a new No-Op garbage collector), TLS 1.3, dynamic class-file constants, Flight Recorder, Enhanced KeyStore mechanisms, the launch of single-file source-code programs, etc.

You can read the complete set of changes here in the release notes. Grab JDK 11 here.

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