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Last year, YouTube passed a viewership of 1 billion hours a day, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki told the audience while discussing the openness of Youtube at the Google I/O keynote.

She also said 60 percent of YouTube’s watch time comes from mobile devices. However, watch time for TVs is also escalated at 90 percent per year. Also, there has been a 4X growth in YouTube live streams.

Youtube app is now running on around half-a-billion devices which aren’t a smartphone, said Sarah Ali after taking over the stage. YouTube 360 video will now work on YouTube apps for TVs.

YouTube 360 on TV

Barabara McDonald took over the stage with a lot of enthusiasm to talk about YouTube’s SuperChat feature launched earlier this year. Fans can highlight their messages during YouTube live streams. But people have to pay for it.

A new Superchat API has been announced for the developers. When a user sends super chat to a creator things happen in real life. EG: They can turn off lights at the creator’s end.

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